'Overwatch' Patch Notes: New update introduces server browser, Bastion buff on PC


Bastion mains unite. Tuesday afternoon, a new patch hit the live PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of Overwatch that ushered in a number of important updates. Most notably, the long-awaited — and some say, overpowered — Bastion buff.

Also included in this new patch is the new custom server browser, which allows players to create and join games with wacky, custom rulesets.

Here's the rundown of everything that's new.

New server browser

This feature is essentially an extension of the custom game mode, allowing players to design games with all sorts of fun rule variations. Here's a quick video that gives an overview of the kinds of things you can modify:

Capture the flag added to arcade

The capture the rooster mode from the Year of the Rooster event has been added to the arcade. In addition to the Lijang Tower maps that were used in Year of the Rooster, new map variations for the other control point maps have also been added.

Bastion's big buff

Here are all the changes to Bastion, straight from the official patch notes:

Configuration: Sentry

Abilities that don't require precise aiming — like Ana's nano boost and Zenyatta's orb of harmony — have a new option that allows you to adjust their sensitivity, which modifies how close your reticle has to be to a target before it locks onto them.

Here's the full list of abilities that have this new option:

• Ana's nano boost

Other small tweaks to Mercy, Roadhog, D.Va, Mei and Winston

A couple of other heroes got some small tweaks to their abilities you should be aware of.


Symmetra and Torbjörn buffs — on console

On PS4 and Xbox One, the damage from Symmetra's and Torbjörn's turrets got bumped up a tad. Last year, console players had the damage on their turrets reduced by about 30%, but this new buff restores about 15% of that damage, according to the patch notes. Their damage on PC remains unchanged.

The reason for the discrepancy between platforms is because it's easier to precisely aim on PC, therefore making it easier to get rid of turrets. On consoles, it's a bit tougher to aim precisely, which means that turrets are more dangerous. As such, their damage is a bit lower.

Other changes, bug fixes and more

Competitive play

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