'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 List: Updated rankings reveal the best picks for battles


It seems like the quest to find the best gym attackers and defenders will be an eternal struggle for players of Pokémon Go. However, determining the rankings just got a little easier thanks to some research shared with the Silph Road community on Reddit.

Silph Road user ADD_ikt published a series of infographics and spreadsheets crunching the numbers on the new Gen 2 Pokémon. The data is based on new mechanics like double weaknesses and old mechanics like dodging, attack power and defenses. 

Pokémon Go Gen 2 List: The best attackers

Based on these rankings and a more comprehensive Google doc compiled based on the "best" moveset of each Pokémon tested, some interesting Pokémon come to the forefront. 

For example, it's unsurprising that Tyranitar and Blissey occupy top spots, though ADD_ikt states that Blissey needs to have Pound and Hyperbeam as her moves to be a Tier 1 attacker. The Bug/Fighting-type Heracross is also included at Tier 1.5, along with Gen 1 favorites Flareon and Snorlax.

Game Freak/The Pokémon Company

Newcomers like Scizor, Donphan and Typhlosion are also included in the list as top attackers. Although longtime favorites like Arcanine, Dragonite and Gyarados continue to be included as well. At the very least, these power rankings mean we'll (hopefully) be seeing more variety in gyms in the coming months.

Pokémon Go Gen 2 List: Best defenders

According to ADD_ikt's list for defenders and the accompanying Google doc,  Blissey, Steelix and Tyranitar rule the roost when it comes to the best Gen 2 Pokémon to use when defending a gym. Blissey, in particular, is interesting, because the list states that while it's advised to have a Blissey with Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam, really any move set will work as a defender.

Fans of the Normal-type Miltank should be pleased as the Pokémon ekes out a spot onto ADD_ikt's list for best defenders, along with Ampharos, Slowking and most oddly, Espeon, who we credited as a good attacker but apparently gave short shrift to when it comes to defense.

In addition to the best attackers and defenders, ADD_ikt included a series of lists and documents designed to help players overcome and prestige against the so-called "Big 8," which includes Pokémon like Dragonite, Rhydon and (somewhat inexplicably) Exeggutor. 

ADD_ikt also admits that there may be some errors or "invalid assumptions" in these new rankings. However, given the sheer amount of data, it should be useful for Pokémon Go veterans and newcomers alike.

As Pokémon Go changes these rankings will as well, but it's always good to know where your Pokémon stand in the scheme of things, even if only temporarily.

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