'Horizon Zero Dawn' Best Armor: Where to find the Shield-Weaver armor and other outfits


There's plenty to see and do in the lush, hostile and expansive world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Why not do it in style, in one of the game's many unlockable armor sets?

Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor: Where to find the Shield-Weaver armor

First off, your main goal should be to get the Shield-Weaver armor. It's a sweet getup that will block limited amounts of damage in combat and help you make it through the game's more intense moments. According to Polygon, it can be found in a bunker east of the Mother's Rise settlement. However, you can't just waltz in and take it; you need to find five power cells hidden around the game world to unlock the door.

Luckily for you, Mic already has a guide to finding all five power cells. Happy hunting.

Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor: Other options

If you really want to flesh out Aloy's wardrobe, there are plenty more useful outfits to find. Gosu Noob has a helpful guide to some of the more mundane (but just as essential) armor sets. For example, the Nora Silent Hunter Heavy armor adds 50 points to your stealth rating, making you much more difficult for enemies to see or hear and can be bought from merchants for 800 metal shards and a bellowback heart. The Nora Protector Heavy outfit, on the other hand, can be bought for 1,000 metal shards and a shell-walker heart and it offers immense protection against physical damage.

Whether you're interested in buffing Aloy's stats or just making her look as cool as possible, there are plenty of outfits for you to find and collect in Horizon. Hopefully these guides will help you get everything you need.

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