'Horizon Zero Dawn' Guide: How to override the machines you encounter


As you play through Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will eventually be able to "override" machines that she encounters. This allows her to gain allies that fight beside her and — in some cases — lets her traverse the world quickly by riding on them.

Not all machines can be ridden, however, and you can't override every one you encounter right out of the gate. We've got the details.

How to override in Horizon Zero Dawn: How it works

According to USgamer, once you've gotten the ability to override machines, you'll have to sneak up on them undetected in order to do so, at which point you can start the overriding process. The amount of time it takes depends on how big the machine is, and it won't work on every machine.

These machines will fight by your side until they die or the override wears off.

How to override in Horizon Zero Dawn: How to unlock more options

As you explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, you'll encounter four subterranean robot production facilities called Cauldrons. Once you fight your way to the end of them and override the machine network at the end, Aloy will gain access to new machines to override.

You can find a full list of the Cauldron locations at SegmentNext as well.

How to override in Horizon Zero Dawn: Which Cauldrons unlock which mounts?

Per USgamer's coverage, each Cauldron grants you access to more override options. If you simply want to ride robot dinosaurs across the land, you only need to hack the PSI Cauldron, which will give you access to the strider, broadhead and charger machine types — the only three mountable machines currently in game. 

USgamer also states that you should probably just walk since the mounts aren't much faster and you might miss some loot and materials. But if you want to ride a robot dinosaur, that's how you do it. 

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