Google Chromebook Review: Google Devices Hit the Market, But May Still Not Beat Apple


Amid all the chaos and commotion Google’s had with their leaked third-quarter earnings, the company has also announced a game changer for the market. Google has recently announced a new Samsung Chromebook, which will sit alongside its brother, the Chromebook 550. The new, compact device will start at the low price of $249.

The Chromebook is 2.5 pounds, 0.8 inches, has an 11.6-inch screen display, and has 6.5 hours of battery life. This is thanks to the ARM Cortex A15 processor, which allows it to give more battery life between charges. Chromebook will also run on Chrome OS, an operating system based on Google Chrome. It also has no hard drive, and is entirely dependent on the internet. It comes with dual Wi-Fi, which will help make it easier to not only to connect wireless networks, but also to prevent fading or dead spots. Purchasers will also receive 100 GB of Google Drive Cloud Storage.

This is not your traditional PC. Consumers may be wary of buying a Chromebook that has no hard drive. However, the low price, sleek design, automatic updates, and great battery life may change people’s minds.

Google’s announcement is also the first of many new technology products that will be introduced to the market this week. The Chromebook comes days before Apple reveals their new iPod mini and smaller iPad. It is evident that Google came to play this week, but this cutthroat move hasn’t really created the commotion that Google wanted for their new product.

The premature third-quarter reports resulted in Google shares closing down 8% on Thursday. The high expectations for this year’s profits per share were down to $9.03 per share from $9.73. This overshadowed the Chromebook, and may set them behind Apple and Microsoft later this week when their new products are introduced as well.