'Horizon Zero Dawn' Cauldrons: Locations for finding Sigma and all the other cauldrons


Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive game with an intimidating amount of things to do in its huge world. There are metal flowers to find, ancient vessels to hunt down and overpowered armor sets to retrieve from the ruins of the old world.

That's way too much to do on foot. You're going to need to catch a ride on one of the game's many mountable robot creatures to get around quickly. Unfortunately, before you can mount everything, you have to find and complete the game's four cauldrons.

Horizon Zero Dawn cauldron locations

Segment Next has a helpful guide to the locations of the four cauldrons, which are essentially dungeons that culminate in fights against large machines. The cauldrons are named Sigma, Rho, Zeta and Xi.

Cauldron Sigma can be found north of Mother's Crown in a small patch of white on the map, just northwest of a campfire. Once you complete it, you'll be able to override grazers, scrappers, lancehorns and sawtooths. Cauldron Rho is in the mountainous region in the south central portion of the map. It'll give you access to longlegs, shell-walkers, tramplers, ravagers and snapmaws. 

Xi is in the southern part of Carja Lands, and it lets you override glinthawks, stalkers, fire bellowbacks, freeze bellowbacks and behemoths. Finally, Zeta rests in the northwestern part of the world, giving you the reins to rockbreakers, stormbirds and thunderjaws. 

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