Sandra Fluke Draws 10 People in Reno: Obama Crowds Dwindle in Battleground States

In a clear sign that the War on Women has been won, Sandra Fluke played to a crowd of 10 on Saturday in a "get out the vote" effort in the battleground state of Nevada. 

Crowds may have wanted to wait for news reports the next day, because Reno's unemployment rate is 11.5% and gas is averaging $4.20 a gallon.

Fluke has been making dozens of campaign appearances since the Democratic National Convention. On October 12, she campaigned for candidates Dan Lamb and Louise Slaughter in New York. She was in Massachussetts October 16 speaking on behalf of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

MassLive called the group that turned out to hear Fluke speak on Warren's behalf a "throng." A "throng" would bring the fire marshal down on Northampton coffee shop The Roost.

On October 4 in Lorain County, Ohio, Fluke spoke to "25 to 30" people at Democratic campaign headquarters.

Fluke's second bus stop on October 4 in Parma, Ohio included cardboard boxes, filing cabinets,  DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and local mayor Tim DeGeeter. 

On October 1, Fluke, Tate Donovan, and local politicians stopped at the Old Cap in Davenport, IA, speaking to a crowd of "a couple dozen supporters."

It's all so . . .