'Logan' has no end-credits scene, but fans will be blessed with a 'Deadpool 2' teaser


End-credits scenes are about as synonymous with superhero movies as the dreaded third act sky beam. So it's no surprise that fans might be curious as to whether Hugh Jackman's final bow as Wolverine in Logan follows the trend. 

In short: No, it doesn't. The way in which Logan ends doesn't lend itself to a post-credits scene; it's not a continuation of a longer X-Men narrative. More than anything it's a somber farewell to Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart for their work as Wolverine and Professor X, respectively. However, that doesn't mean X-Men fans won't be treated to a surprise mutant cameo. 

We shit you not, you're going to see a teaser for Deadpool 2

(Editor's note: Spoilers below for the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer. In the meantime, here's a GIF of Deadpool massaging Conan O'Brien.)

There were previous reports that Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch had specifically filmed a scene for Logan, which, technically, is true. The teaser was clearly made with the Logan release in mind, though it exists outside the confines of the film. In the Logan screening I went to Thursday night, it appears after all the other trailers, and after — in my case — Regal Cinemas reminds you that crisp, refreshing, overly commercialized Coca-Cola is available at the kiosk. 

However, once the 20th Century Fox logo flashes on screen you will, understandably, presume Logan's about to start. But then a man in a hoodie is walking on the street as an attempted mugging occurs. He removes his hood to reveal the scarred face of Wade Wilson. "Not on my watch, motherfucker," he says. 

Except Wade needs to change into his superhero costume, so he runs into a phone booth on the corner of the street. Cue John Williams' iconic Superman theme, and Wade struggling to get his suit on in the cramped booth. His bare ass is pressed against the glass, God bless. The mugged man is — still — begging for help. However, once Wade finally gets the suit on, a lone gunshot rings out. 

As he runs out of the booth (in slow-motion!) the victim is dead and the mugger's already left the scene. So Wade decides to lay down next to the body and rummage through the man's groceries, picking out a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream. The teaser then ends with the words "Deadpool ... coming ... not soon enough" flashing on the screen. 

The Deadpool 2 teaser was a hit in the theater, and fans raved about the surprise clip over Twitter — as if you didn't have enough reason to check out Logan already. 

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