Who Won the Presidential Debate 2012: Obama wins, but Romney not far off


On Monday, President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney go head-to-head in the last presidential debate on foriegn policy in Boca Raton, Florida. 

It's hard to say what I am looking forward to most. So far, all the debates have been sprinkled with little morsels of Obama's and Romney's stances on Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, and the situation in Syria. Hopefully, on Monday night, Obama and Romney can talk more more policy and put the mud slinging aside in the final round.

There are still a lot of foreign policy topics that need to be addressed. I’m curious to learn more about Romney’s stance on India and China (especially after all those memes surfaced). Also, it would be interesting to see if Romney or Obama choose to talk about Pakistan and America's weakening relations with the country.

Obama definitely has a lot to boast about in the foreign policy department. The Obama administration has successful taken down a good number of bad guys, dealt with the Guantanamo Bay situation, promised to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and much more. Surprisingly, in the past couple of debates, Obama’s foreign policy arguments have fallen flat.

I really hope that this debate does not become a mud-slinging like the debate on October 16. Both candidates, instead of answering the questions, spent the majority of their time accusing the other of what they have not done. I know the point of the debate is to stand your ground and refute your opponent’s position, but come on! The candidates would benefit more if they spent their time convincing us why we should vote for them.

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Update 7:40PM: Some details about tonight's Presidenttial Debate:

Topic: Foreign policy

Tune in here for the Live stream:


Update 8:23PM: I really hope both candidates take the time to talk about Malala Yousafzai. Check out this great piece the girl who changed Pakistan.

Update 8:55PM: If only... Debates in a perfect world would look something like this: 

 9:00PM: First up, Libya.

9:11PM: Romney is saying we can not kill our way to better foriegn policy. Obama is now combating Romney's foriegn policy stances on Russia, Afghanistan, and how his foriegn policy is not a "recipe for America." Romney throws the flame back and explains how attacking him is not a way to address the different crisises in the Middle East.

9:16PM: Obama: We need to mobilize moderate forces in Syria.

9:25PM: Obama: what is going to make the Egyptian revolution successful is if the youth feels included and get the same oppurtunities the youth get here.




9:40PM: Why are we talking about the economy?! #debates

9:43PM: While we take a break from foriegn policy...

9:45PM: #Finally, we are back on topic... #Israel & #Iran. Obama promising that Iran will not get a hold of any nuclear weapons.

9:50PM: Romney: We need to increase sanctions on #Iran. The use of military force should be the last resort.

9:53PM: Stop horsing around, #Romney!

10:00PM: Obama calling out Romney on his flip-flopping on foriegn policy in regards to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

10:05PM: Romney is touching on the weakening relations between Pakistan and the USA. Check out my piece about the failing relations between the two nations: 3rd Presidential Debate: Obama Killed Bin Laden, But Repairing US Relations With Pakistan Remains an Issue.

10:10PM: Is it time to divorce our relationship with Pakistan?

10:25PM: Romney asserting that we need to invest in research. Obama attacking Romney's past stance on the car industry.

10:30PM: Obama vows to fight for all of us every single day in office. Romney wants to make the world a safer place. #AWW