Nintendo Switch Hacks, Tips and Tricks: The best Easter eggs, hidden menus and more


The Nintendo Switch release date has finally unleashed the company's new console onto the world, and with it, a list of Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and hacks have begun to be revealed. If you don't want to be left out of the fun, check out all you can do with your Nintendo Switch, including some cool Easter eggs and hidden menus.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: Screen unlock sounds Easter egg

Nintendo Life discovered that the Switch's unlock mode has secret sounds when using different buttons. Most of the time you'll probably just smash the A button and jump back to your game, but hitting other buttons will unlock a cool Easter egg. Hitting R-trigger, for example, reveals a honking sound. Using L-trigger to unlock is less dramatic, but still sounds different from the A button. Clicking the left analog stick inward button to unlock your device will lead to a springy bounce noise, and clicking the right analog stick results in a ribbit-type sound. 

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: How to turn on the console wirelessly

The power button on the Switch can be used to wake the console out of sleep mode, but if your Switch is across the room in its dock, the Joy-Con's home button can also be used to nudge the system into life. Just hold it down and you'll be ready to play.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: Quick access to brightness, airplane mode and sleep functions

You may want to lower the brightness without venturing all the way into the System Settings menu of your Switch. Here's how to do it, according to Recombu.

First, press and hold the home button. Wherever you are, mid-game or on the home screen, an options menu will slide out from the right offering you options for brightness, and even Flight Mode (aka airplane mode) and Sleep Mode. Holding the home button again will hide this menu.


Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: How to show battery percentage

Xavier Harding/Mic

Tapping the battery icon will briefly show you how a percentage of how much battery you have left. If you want to show the percentage permanently, go to System Settings and scroll down to System. On the right, scroll down to Console Battery (%). This is where you'll be able to toggle percentage being shown.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: Dark mode

Xavier Harding/Mic

The default mode for the Nintendo Switch is a light, white theme. But you can make your menus black if you're so inclined: Go to System Settings and scroll down to Themes. From here you can switch from Basic White to Basic Black.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: How to remove the Joy-Con strap when you inevitably put it on backward

Odds are that the first time you put the Joy-Con strap on your Joy-Con controller you'll probably do it wrong. What's worse: removing the strap when attached upside down is pretty difficult. To successfully do so, unlock the tiny gray piece by pulling it up. Then use a tool to push up on the two black prongs. This should allow you to easily slide off the strap. 

Nintendo included a feature in the design to avoid the issue entirely, but it can be easy to miss. Before you attach the straps, check to make sure the minus Joy-Con matches the minus side of the strap and the plus-designated controller matches the plus side of the Joy-Con strap.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: Prevent the dock from scratching your console


Some early owners of the Switch have noted the dock scratching the screen. Other users (ourselves included) have been able to use the dock without scratching the Switch, but better safe than sorry. To further protect your Switch, add some soft material on the parts of the dock that will be touching the black bezel portion of your Switch display, just like Reddit user skill1414 did. You might also want to consider picking up a screen protector for your Switch, just to be safe.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: How to take screenshots

The Nintendo Switch makes it easy to grab screenshots. Simply press the square button beneath the four directional buttons on the left Joy-Con. This will allow you to take a picture of your screen. Screenshots are saved to internal memory or the micro SD card, depending on which you've selected in device settings.

Nintendo Switch hacks, tips and tricks: Use a keyboard with your Nintendo Switch

If you own a USB keyboard can use it with the new console. Simply plug the USB keyboard into the Switch dock. While the Switch is docked, you'll be able to type using the keyboard. While Nintendo doesn't package the Switch with a proper web browser at the moment, you'll get the most use out of the keyboard functionality when entering passwords and in the eShop.

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