Debate Time Tonight: 9PM, and Key Quick Facts


Monday night is the third and final debate between Obama and Romney, and in the eyes of this millenial, it couldn't come and go sooner. 

The debate, to begin at 9:00 p.m. and be moderated by CBS' chief White House correspodnent Bob Schieffer and focused on foreign affairs and international relations, will undoubtedly be captivating to watch, but at this point, it seems that we are not watching to learn either candidates' views, but to stay abreast of any horrendous political gaffes or hilarious, Candy-tastic moments that might occur. 

We've been slogging through this election season horse-race for so long, it feels like the news media, and the candidates, are just beating a dead horse whenever they open their mouths. 

Obama expressed this sentiment of election fatigue best at the Al Smith Dinner last week, when he said of Monday night's debate, "I hope Governor Romney and I will have the chance to answer the question that's on the minds of millions Americans watching at home: Is this happening again? Why aren't they putting on The Voice?" 

Amen, Barack. Seriosly, can't we just vote already?

In any case, because, like everyone else, I can't help but tune in to the circus, I will be live-blogging the debate on PolicyMic, and it will be replete with late-election-season snark. And if, lo!, the candidates surprise us with some refreshing, substance-heavy discourse, I will be there as witness, and I will share it with you. 

What: The Foreign Policy Presidential Debate