For Women's History Month, the Brawny man is a woman. Here are the best reactions.


Brawny paper towels are celebrating Women's History Month with a brand new look.

As part of its #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, Georgia-Pacific, Brawny's parent company, has replaced the iconic flannel-clad Brawny man with a woman.

The Brawny woman will appear on Brawny paper towel packages throughout the month of March. Georgia-Pacific, owned by the conservative Koch brothers, will also be highlighting women in STEM fields on its website and donating $75,000 to Girls Inc., which promotes girls in science and technology fields through its Operation SMART program. 

On Twitter, users celebrated the campaign and used it as an opportunity to highlight inequality. 

Of course, some also pointed out the unfortunate irony of the Brawny woman: that slapping a woman's face on a household cleaning product may not exactly the definition of progress.