iPhone 8 leaks and predictions show a huge new smartphone could be on the way


There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the iPhone 8 — also called the iPhone X. The next-gen Apple smartphone, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, is rumored to come with a design overhaul and is expected to be equipped with tons of new features.

Now, a new report from the Nikkei Asian Review sheds more insight into what Apple has planned for its next debut. The company will reportedly launch three devices this year: two iPhone 7s devices with fewer updates and an iPhone 8. The latter will have a 5.8-inch display, improved battery life, an edgeless OLED display and will be "bezel-less," according to Barclays supply chain analysts.

If the iPhone 8 is 5.8 inches, it will be larger than the iPhone 7 Plus — the largest iPhone to date. That said, Forbes reported that the 5.8-inch display may not all be usable. Instead, 5.15 inches will be usable with the remainder of the area serving as a "function," feature similar to the Touch Bar on the new line of MacBook Pros.

Other rumors surrounding the device suggest the home button and fingerprint sensor may be built into the screen, there could be wireless charging and the device could come with a new 3-D sensing technology that allows for "some form of facial/gesture recognition." As for design, it is expected to feature an all-glass body. According to CNET, the iPhone 8 could have a glass panel in the front and a glass panel in the back held together by a steel frame center.