'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Cursed Statue Guide: How to beat the quest and Kam Urog Shrine


During your journey in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you'll come across quests that are marked "Shrine Quests" which help you unlock Shrines, small dungeons scattered across Hyrule. Although these aren't part of Link's main quest, they provide Spirit Orbs which you can use to increase Link's health or stamina, so it's worth it to seek them out when you find them. 

One such shrine is found at the end of the quest "The Cursed Statue," which takes place in the game's Necluda Region. If you're stuck on how to solve the quest or don't know where to find it, read on!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cursed Statue guide: How to find and complete it


To unlock the Kam Urog shrine, IGN says to look for a small hut near Fort Hateno. Inside, you'll find a man named Calip who insists on being called Doctor Calip. If you keep pressing him for more details and eventually when the option arises, choose "Of course, Doctor Calip" when speaking to him to get him to tell you about what he's studying. Do so, and he'll deliver this quote: 

"When a dark light resides in the cursed statue's eyes, pierce its gaze to purge the seal from the shrine," he says.

This will unlock the quest "The Cursed Statue" in your quest log as well. To complete it, head into the canyon near Fort Hateno and into the area marked by the quest, which is full of statues. Wait until nightfall and you'll see that one of the statues has glowing purple eyes. Pierce its gaze with an arrow and you'll unlock the Kam Urog shrine.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cursed Statue guide: How to solve the Kam Urog shrine

Once you've unlocked the Kam Urog shrine by completing The Cursed Statue, head inside to claim one of those sweet, sweet Spirit Orbs by completing the Trial of Passage.


The challenge is a giant stone ring with a number of rotating platforms on it, so your first move will be to get on the lefthand side of the giant platform that's moving past you so that you can run up it as it's rotating up, giving you a straight shot at the rotating cog in the middle. Once you land on the cog, you can jump onto a small, stationary platform with an opal on it.


From the chest with the opal, observe the smaller platforms. You should see one with a chest on it, so leap to that one as soon as you can land on it without sliding off for a Soldier's Spear. You might be able to make it back onto the gear from that platform as it moves perpendicular to you, but you'll want to get back to the cog on the middle.

The easiest way to complete the next portion is to get back on the large block and wait until it's in like with the cog, then use your stasis module to stop the whole apparatus from moving. This will give you just enough time to race across the cog and the opposite platform to reach the upwards moving cog near the blue lantern.


Once you're on the stationary platform near the other cog, ride it up to the next platform and wait for a small platform with a staircase on it to fill in the gap in front of where you're standing. If you're confident you can just run across the bridge while it's moving, but the safer bet is to use the stasis rune again and give yourself the necessary time to move. 


Once you cross the staircase, you'll have completed the challenge and be one Spirit Orb richer. Not bad for a quest you got from someone who's very insistent about what title you attribute to him!

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