Even Ann Coulter is ripping Republicans apart for their disastrous Obamacare repeal bill

Even Ann Coulter, the far-right pundit who has eagerly promoted the Republican Party platform for decades, has a problem with the GOP's plan to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Coulter blasted the draft bill, apparently accusing the GOP of grandstanding for including attacks on abortion rights that will make the bill more difficult to pass through Congress (or possibly President Donald Trump).

In a nod to conservative orthodoxy, Coulter pondered why the legislation does not include provisions to allow insurance buys across state lines, an idea Trump and many Republicans have endorsed.

Coulter didn't stop there, calling the plan a "piece of crap" and demanding to know who wrote the bill, which congressional Republicans prepared in secret.

In an email with Mic, Coulter did not elaborate on her criticism of the bill, but wrote, "the only problem with it is there's not one good thing in it. Not ONE. Please find out who wrote it and then get their SAT scores. That's news we could use!"

Coulter's angry tweets generated some buzz on right-wing sites like Red State. Her refusal to get on board with the GOP plan underscores the tense political dynamics — namely, Republican hawks who want to cut spending further and moderates who fear the political consequences of any bill that would kick millions off insurance — that have made reaching an agreement next to impossible.

The draft legislation has already been assailed from all sides and may be dead on arrival, despite GOP leadership's attempts to fast-track it through Congress.

It's been in some ways a frustrating political season for Coulter, a Trump ally with extreme anti-immigration views. She released a book titled In Trump We Trust in August 2016, right when the president teased a pivot on deporting undocumented immigrants; Trump subsequently teased yet another pivot in late February before switching back to his hardline rhetoric in a joint address to Congress.

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