"Tinder Select" is the secret, invite-only Tinder for rich people and celebrities


There's a secret, members-only version of Tinder exclusively for the use of rich people, celebrities and the app's most conventionally attractive users, TechCrunch reported on Tuesday.

The special version of the app, titled Tinder Select, has apparently been in operation for at least six months, judging by an old Reddit post appearing to show its logo and several tweets referencing its existence in October 2016.

The service intended for "celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder," a source told TechCrunch. Tinder Select allows some of the select pool of invitees to "nominate" others for membership, although restricts the ability of those supposedly second-tier selectees to nominate others to preserve its exclusive status.

The app looks more or less like a high-grade version of regular Tinder, and allows users to toggle back and forth between a "Select" tab and the regular version.


As TechCrunch noted, six months is an unusually long time to test an app, and the company may have never intended to publicly disclose its existence in the short term at all — perhaps because the vast majority of its users might not appreciate finding out they're the plebian rabble.

For their part, Twitter users mostly responded to news with mockery and faux indignation, perhaps indicating just why Tinder kept it secret.

Tinder Select mimics Raya, another exclusive dating app intended for social elites which earned itself the sobriquet of "Illuminati Tinder." But while the public now knows there's an actual Illuminati Tinder, who knows what further secrets lay in wait? Perhaps there's another, secret tier of Tinder closed to everyone but Idris Elba.

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