Why are people wearing red today?

At work right now, or maybe in the coffee shop this morning, you may have noticed several different types of people — women, men, children, etc. — wearing shades of red, from crimson to scarlet to cherry.

That's because March 8 is International Women's Day, and this year it is also A Day Without a Woman, a nationwide call for women and their allies to strike, leaving business and workplaces a little bit emptier to show the power, impact and importance of women worldwide. 

Of course not everyone can strike and take a day off work. So wearing red has become another form of action today, a sign of solidarity with women across the globe. 

Already on social media, it's proven to be quite popular, with people across the world wearing red as a sign of support for the movement. 

Even yesterday, a history-making woman herself seemed to have gotten the hint, with Hillary Clinton attending a luncheon in a bright red pantsuit

Hillary Clinton at the Girls Inc. luncheon in New York City on TuesdayGetty Images

Now throughout the day, we'll just have to wait and see how many other politicians — and maybe celebrities too — get the hint and show their support of women and their rights and value worldwide by wearing red. 

What does A Day Without a Woman look like? Show us! Mic wants to see what your office looks like when women go on strike. Send your stories, photos and videos to ADayWithoutAWoman@mic.com and we may feature them in an article or on our social media channels.