'NBA 2K17': How to call plays to get your superstars in a position to score


Sometimes, it's not easy getting your best players the ball in NBA 2K17. Your natural instincts may be to dominate with the point guard, but if he's not your best scorer you can neglect the player who you should be running your offense through. Thankfully, there are ways to call plays on offense in NBA 2K17 that are designed to get your best offensive player the ball in a position to score.

How to call plays in NBA 2K17: Positional Playcalling

By pressing L1/LB and then the teammate's action button on the controller, you'll get access to a menu of plays specifically designed to get the player at that position the ball in an area where they can score.

To find out the plays available for those players, go into the player edit screen under the vitals tab, and it will show the types of plays each player has available.

How to call plays in NBA 2K17: Quick Post-Up Play

By swiping the touchpad from right to left, you can call a quick post-up play. If your best player is a power forward or a center, this is a great way to quickly get the ball inside. 

You can also use this as a way to take advantage of a mismatch when a smaller opposing defender gets caught on one of your big men.

How to call plays in NBA 2K17: Quick Isolation Play

By swiping the touchpad from left to right, you can call a quick isolation play. This can be used to clear out an area allowing the player who has the ball to go one-on-one against the defender that's guarding him.

If you use these methods, you should have no problem getting buckets with your best player.

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