What time is 'The Vampire Diaries' finale on? Season 8, episode 16 channel, plot and more


It's hard to believe it, but the end of The Vampire Diaries is upon us. The CW show has had viewers entangled in teen vampire drama since 2009. But now, after eight seasons, it's finally time to say goodbye to Mystic Falls.

What time is The Vampire Diaries series finale?

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So, speaking of time — what time will The Vampire Diaries series finale air? While the show is usually on the CW at 8 p.m. Eastern on Friday nights, episode 16 of season eight will actually air at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Before you get outraged over the time swap, the good news is you'll actually be getting two hours of supernatural fun. At 8 p.m. Eastern the CW will be airing a farewell special, titled Forever Yours. According to TV Guide, the special will look back at the show's eight seasons and feature interviews from cast members and guest stars, as well as executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. Those that tune in will also get to catch a behind-the-scenes look at the final season, as well as "special moments from the series."

What is the special meaning behind The Vampire Diaries season eight, episode 16 title?

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Episode 16, the series finale, is titled "I Was Feeling Epic." Like the season eight episodes before it, the final installment in the series is named after a line from season one

In episode eight of season one, Stefan's vampire friend, Lexi, shows up in Mystic Falls for his 162nd birthday. Stefan's excited to see his old friend, but he's also having some problems with Elena. She put some distance between them after learning that he's a vampire.

Lexi tries to make things right between the two by telling Elena that her true love was a human and that he went through the same thing that she's going through now. 

"Listen, take it from someone who has been around a long time," Lexi says. "When it's real, you can't walk away."

Lexi returns to Stefan, who was eavesdropping on the whole thing with his super-vampire hearing. He thanks her for putting a good word in for him.

"I was feeling epic, whatever," she tells him.

Lexi ultimately dies at the hands of Damon later in the episode, but she could make one final appearance in the series finale. Actress Arielle Kebbel has not confirmed that she'll reprise her role, but old characters are set to return.

What will happen in The Vampire Diaries finale?

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Episode 15 of The Vampire Diaries left off with all hell breaking loose. Stefan and Caroline got married, and Matt's mom, Kelly, did her best to ruin it. Teaming up with Katherine, Kelly caused an explosion at the Lockwood mansion — with Bonnie and Caroline's twin daughters inside. Thanks to Bonnie's magic, the three of them were able to escape the explosion unharmed. However, the episode concluded with Bonnie collapsing. 

That wasn't the only jaw dropping moment to occur. Kelly revealed that Katherine's big plan is to burn down Mystic Falls — and everyone in it — with hellfire.

According to TV Guide, the finale will pick up with "the fate of Mystic Falls at stake." It will be up to Stefan and Damon to take down Katherine once and for all, but the question is whether they can do so without any casualties along the way. There might be one guaranteed death. Nina Dobrev is set to reprise her role as Elena in the final episode. The character was written off at the end of season six by being put in a magical coma. The curse prevented her from waking — until Bonnie died.

Catch The Vampire Diaries finale Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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