'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Labyrinth Shrines Guide: How to beat all three Lomei mazes


The shrine mini-dungeons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, take many shapes and forms. Some are combat challenges against Guardians, some like Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath are full of puzzles and others like Kam Urog are platforming challenges. The only thing that's fixed is the Spirit Orb you get at each's conclusion to increase your health and stamina.

In the case of Tu Ka'loh, Dila Maag and Qaza Tokki shrines, however, your challenge will simply be to reach the shrines through the labyrinths they're placed in. It's tricky, but with our guides you'll make it out all right, three Spirit Orbs richer.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild labyrinth Lomei Labyrinth Island guide: How to find the Tu'Kaloh Shrine

If you've gotten as far as Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, you've probably noticed a giant square island sitting off the coast of the Akkala Sea. That's Lomei Labyrinth Island, and it's your destination for this shrine.

Paranoia's Dungeon/YouTube

If you're looking for a visual guide to get through the island, both Paranoia's Dungeon and underbuffed have visual guides up on YouTube. To reach it you'll want to fly from the cliffs above the Akala Ancient Tech Lab to the Labyrinth (it'll take about a circle and a half of stamina to get there safely). You'll land in a big atrium full of pillars and a Guardian, who you should fight and destroy before you proceed if you're able.

Once you've dealt with the Guardian, head to the far wall he was nearest to (the one opposite the entrance you flew into). From there, IGN has described the path you can take in order to get to the shrine and claim the orb: 

• Make a left at the wall and follow it all the way down until you reach a small doorway that takes you right.

You can also grab a Flaming Greatsword by using the torch near the shrine to burn away some thorns leading to a lower passage, and the hole near the front of the shrine will take you to a Guardian graveyard and a chest that contains a Diamond Circlet, though some of those Guardians aren't as dead as they seem. You can also get the Barbarian Helm from the chest in the Shrine, according to BeardBear.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild South Lomei Labyrinth guide: how to find the Dila Maag Shrine

The South Lomei Labyrinth is in the eastern section of the Gerudo Desert, and you can find it sandwiched between Mount Granahj and the East Barrens, according to IGN. They've also got a pretty thorough walkthrough for the Shrine as well, but be warned, it's much more involved than getting to Tu Ka'Loh was. 

Here's how to solve the second Lomei labyrinth: 

• Enter the South Lomei Labyrinth from the main entrance to the north (fly down to the entrance if you took the mountain route).

If that seems like a lot to take in, Marz also has a handy video guide up on YouTube to help you find the shrine as well. You're on your own for the treasure chests, but it'll help you get into Dila Maag to secure the Spirit Orb and the Barbarian Armor from the chest.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild North Lomei Labyrinth guide: How to find the Qaza Tokki Shrine

The North Lomei Labyrinth is located to the north of the Great Plateau, according to SegmentNext. It's in a rough diamond shape and the easiest way to solve this shrine is to move counter-clockwise through it, keeping to the edges of the diamond and grabbing the three chests located at each point in the maze.

According to JohneAwesome, once you hit the third chest, you're going to be looking for a large eye hanging out in some of the Ganon corruption nearby it. Once you shoot that eye, make your way back to the second chest you found at the edge of the diamond (the one that had a silver rupee in it) and you should see the entrance to the shrine if you face away from the chest.


Once you enter into the door opposite the second chest, keep to the left for as long as you can, and look for a pair of torches flanking a ladder up: That's what you're looking for, so climb up the ladder to get to a small bridge that leads up a flight of stairs. Once you've hit the flight of stairs, head up them and into a large room with four platforms and a hole in the middle. The hole in the middle is where the shrine is located. So just hop down and receive Qaza Tokki's blessing, which is a third Spirit Orb and the final piece of the Barbarian set: the Barbarian leg wraps.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Labyrinth guides: How to easily find the shrines in the Lomei labyrinths

If you're doing these shrines late in the game or you managed to increase your stamina using food buffs, it's actually possible to scale the top of all three labyrinths and run along the top to get to the shrines. You need a lot of stamina to do it, however, and at least on Lomei Labyrinth Island, you'll have to deal with some flying guardians. It's still probably easier than wandering through the labyrinths proper, if you'd prefer to skip the hassle all together.

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