How did Captain Cold die? Refresher before 'The Flash' season 3, episode 16


In last week's episode of The Flash, Wally West inadvertently freed Savitar from his prison in the speed force. As a result, Wally has taken Savitar's place in the speed force, and Barry Allen's chances of preventing Iris' murder are getting worse and worse. In "Into the Speed Force," Barry will try and save Wally from his prison, and along the way, will see a few familiar faces. 

The promo for season three, episode 16 of The Flash revealed that Barry, while traveling in the speed force, will come face to face with Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond and Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. Of course, this is interesting since all three of these characters are dead. If, however, you only watch The Flash, and not the CW's other DC television series, you may not be clear on exactly how Snart died. 

While Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond each met their end on The Flash, Snart perished on Legends of Tomorrow. For those that did not watch the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, Snart was one of several "Legends" picked by Rip Hunter to travel through time to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world. 

Cate Cameron/The CW

Snart and Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave, were the two misfits on the team, and their relative lack of morals brought them in constant conflict with the rest of the Legends. Their friendship, however, was strong, and in the penultimate episode Legends of Tomorrow's first season, Snart sacrificed his own life to save Rory's (you can watch the scene here).

Still, as one of the more popular characters from the CW's DC television series, Snart has appeared since on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in flashbacks and as a hallucination of Rory's. In "Into the Speed Force," however, it appears that Captain Cold will be more of a ghost, with some part of him possibly living in the speed force, along with Eddie and Ronnie. And if you cannot remember how those two perished, they also died sacrificing their lives for the greater good. 

In The Flash's season one finale, Eddie shot himself so that his descendant, Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, would be erased from the timeline. As for Ronnie, he died saving all of reality from the singularity that was created in that same episode. 

Season three, episode 16 of The Flash airs Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern on the CW. 

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