Fox News thinks the phrase "Journalism Matters" is "anti-Trump rhetoric"


Fox News is calling out its fellow media outlets for propagating "anti-Trump rhetoric," that, much like the U.S. Constitution, brazenly asserts the relevance of news media as an industry.

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends devoted a segment to exposing the apparent media biases from newspapers across the country for selling T-shirts with slogans like "Democracy Dies in the Darkness," and "Journalism Matters" — a screed that the broadcast journalists over at Fox News decided went too far.

The segment also criticized shirts from the Chicago Tribune that bear its slogan "Speaking Truth to Power Since 1847," which celebrated the paper's 170-year history of... attacking Trump?

Perhaps next they will launch an investigation into these potentially biased — but certainly topical — shirts currently available in the online store of Fox News host Sean Hannity. Hannity

It's only $23.95 and comes in three different colors.