These photos illustrate the ongoing crisis in Syria

Wednesday, March 15, marks a grim anniversary for Syria: six years since the country's bloody civil war first began.

The violence in Syria has resulted in the displacement of nearly half of the country's population and an estimated 321,000 deaths since the war began in 2011. 

Below are photos of how the conflict has progressed since anti-government rebels first began clashing with Syrian President Bashar al Assad's army.


Pro-regime supporters flock to Damascus for a rally in 2011 amid reports that 4,000 dissidents has been killed by pro-government forces.Louiai Beshara/Getty Images
Syrian nationals demonstrate against excessive government force against civilians in Daraa.Karim Sahib/Getty Images
Syrian children flash victory signs from inside the Turkish Red Crescent camp.Mustafa Ozer/Getty Images
The aftermath of a suicide bombing in Damascus that killed at least 44 people.Anonymous/AP


A Syrian refugee is chased by a soldier near the Syria-Turkey border.Bulent Kilic/Getty Images
Syrians who fled violence struggle to get pillows and supplies being distributed at an aid camp.Muhammed Muheisen/AP
Syrian refugees cross to the Turkish side of the border after fleeing a village bombed by government planes earlier that day.AFP/Getty Images


Men stand atop the charred aftermath from a clash between rebels and pro-government troops in Aleppo.AFP/Getty Images
A Syrian rebel plays football in the ruins of Aleppo.Andoni Lubaki/AP
Men carry the coffin of a child killed by mortar shells that hit a school bus near Damascus.-/Getty Images


Syrian Civil Defense workers clear debris in Aleppo after an attack by pro-government forces.Baraa Al-Halabi/Getty Images
Thousands seek refuge in the Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq.Mandel Ngan/Getty Images
An aerial view of the damaged, rebel-held Ansari district in Aleppo.Baraa Al-Harabi/Getty Images


An injured Syrian man arrives at a makeshift hospital in rebel-held Douma.Abd Doumany/Getty Images
Smoke rises in Hama following a Russian airstrike on the rebel stronghold.Uncredited/AP
Rescue workers dig through the charred remains of a building after two car bomb explosions near Homs.STR/Getty Images


A vehicle drives past a billboard of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad near the ruins of the city of Homs.Louai Beshara/Getty Images
A Syrian White Helmet volunteer carries a child from the aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo.Ameer Alhalbi/Getty Images
Syrian men carry babies through the rubble of destroyed Aleppo.Ameer Alhalbi/Getty Images
Syrian girl Bana al Abed, who runs a popular Twitter account, with her family in Ankara, Turkey.Adem Altan/Getty Images


Rebel soldiers march through the streets of Idlib, Syria.Omar Haj Kadour/Getty Images
Syrian migrants are rescued by Spanish NGO workers from a rubber boat.David Ramos/Getty Images
A Syrian boy pulls a plastic crate full of supplies in March 2017.Joseph Eid/Getty Images