'Fire Emblem Heroes' New Heroes: Ninian, Jaffar, Rebecca, Lucius and more added in update


Fire Emblem Heroes' brand-new update added six new characters — Karel, Ninian, Rebecca, Jaffar, Priscilla and Lucius — as well as a new set of paralogue story missions and a generous collection of free goodies. Here's what you need to know.

Fire Emblem Heroes update: New characters, paralogue story missions

The new characters are all a part of a new summoning focus: "Blazing Shadows."

Mic/Fire Emblem Heroes

Here's the breakdown of each unit's type:

Karel: Sword Demon, a red sword unit

Ninian: Oracle of Destiny, a blue breath unit

Rebecca: Wildflower, a colorless archer unit

Jaffar: Angel of Death, a colorless shuriken/dagger unit

Priscilla: Delicate Princess, a colorless staff unit

Lucius: The Light, a colorless staff unit

There's also a new set of paralogue story missions that introduce the above characters. There are three missions that yield one orb for your first completion on each of the three difficulty levels, which means you can get a total of nine orbs for completing every single one.

Fire Emblem Heroes update: Lots of free goodies

The other important thing to note about this update is that you'll get a load of free stuff as a login bonus. Here's what you'll get:

• 20 orbs (!)

• Five of each great badge

• 5,000 universal crystals

These rewards are being distributed in celebration of the end of the first voting gauntlet, a new mode that was introduced shortly after the game's release. It's not clear how long these bonuses will be available, so log in as soon as possible to make sure they don't vanish.

If you need a reminder, great badges are used in combination with hero feathers to upgrade a character's star rating, and universal crystals are used to level up characters that are above level 20 without having to engage in battle.

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