'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' "Spring of Power" Guide: How to find the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine


Although your main quest in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will take you from the Great Plateau to the final fight against Ganon, there's no shortage of Korok seeds, side quests and shrines to attend to while you do. Oftentimes, these shrines have small quests associated with them, like "Recital at Warbler's Nest" — and the "Spring of Power" is no different.

If you're having trouble solving the "Spring of Power." Keep reading to find out the location and how you can use it to open a difficult combat challenge.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Spring of Power" location: Where to find it

IGN reported that to start the quest associated with the "Spring of Power," you have to talk to Nobo at the East Akkala Stable. He'll tell you about the spring and start the quest. Once you're at the stable, the spring is to the east between North Akkala Valley and Ordorac Quarry — it's easier to find if you already have a map of the area, but even if you don't, it's pretty hard to miss as a flowing spring in an otherwise mostly barren landscape.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Spring of Power" guide: How to solve it

Once you get there, you'll find a statue of the Goddess Hylia, which will tell you the following message:

Offer Dinraal's Scale received from the red spirit to the Spring of Power.

You'll find Dinraal the dragon to the far north of Eldin Mountain, making its way through Tanagar Canyon. Once you've found it, shoot its belly with your strongest bow to make it drop one of its scales, then head down into the canyon to collect it.

Return to the "Spring of Power" and offer Dinraal's scale to the Goddess Statue by placing it in front of her. Once you do that, the statue will open the gate to the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine inside the spring.

According to IGN, the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine is major test of strength that pits you against a strong guardian armed with a guardian shield ++, a guardian spear ++ and a guardian sword++, which you'll be able to steal if you beat him. If you've managed to collect and upgrade it, the ancient armor will help you immensely in this fight.

Other than that, using shock or ancient arrows or weapons will help you topple the guardian. Afterward, help yourself to its weapons and shield, as well as the Spirit Orb and Flamespear in the chest. 

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