'NBA 2K17': How to fix corrupted MyPlayer problems on Xbox One


There's an issue plaguing the NBA 2K17 Xbox One community. Corrupted MyPlayer files are ruining the hard work, time and money investment many gamers have put into their in-game creations.

If you've ever put in the work or spent real money to purchase virtual currency so you could upgrade a MyPlayer in the game, you can imagine how troubling of an issue this can be. The error message usually reads, "UserData file is corrupted and is unable to be loaded. The corrupted file will now be overwritten."

Thankfully, there's a fix. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process. If you follow these steps, you should be able to retrieve your MyPlayer without even calling 2K support.

How to fix a corrupted NBA 2K17 MyPlayer on Xbox One

First, you'll need to go to the Xbox One dashboard to begin the process. You can get there by pressing the Xbox button. Then press the menu button and choose to "quit game."

Once you've quit the application, NBA 2K17 will still show up as the selected app on your dashboard. Hit the menu button again to bring up the option to "manage game" and select it.

From here, select "saved data." Once you've selected that option, scroll down to "reserved space" and pick it. Then click "clear reserved space."

Now come back to the dashboard and select settings. Once you're there, scroll down to "system" and then "storage." Clear your local saved data. You will be asked if you want to delete your saved games. Select the "yes" option. Your Xbox One may reset at this point.

Once you're back at the dashboard, restart NBA 2K17 as you would normally. You will see a message that says "syncing data," and it will be accompanied by a percentage-based progression bar.

Once the sync has been completed, you'll be sent back to the MyPlayer creation screen. Don't panic, as this doesn't mean that you've lost your MyPlayer or that the fix isn't working. Fill in the name of your MyPlayer with anything and head back to the main menu. It'll take a moment to load up.

When you try to head to your MyCareer settings, you'll see all of the options will read: "No description is available for this game." Disregard that and select the save. 

Your MyPlayer and their accomplishments and badges should be restored. You may have to do the same thing with MyGM and MyLeague saves as well, but this fix should work on all saved data.

We just hope Xbox One users won't have to do this with NBA 2K18.

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