'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Toh Yahsa Shrine: Location, guide and how to solve the puzzle


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has plenty of terrifying, difficult bosses for you to fight. However, none of them is a bigger obstacle than precipitation.

Kotaku is right about this: Rain is the biggest inconvenience in the game by far, often showing up right when you need to climb something. The game's weather system almost feels vindictive at times. When combined with lightning, it's basically impossible to do any kind of vertical exploration until the weather passes.

Unfortunately, the Toh Yahsa Shrine quest in the Thunder Plateau in western Hyrule is perpetually besieged by a violent lightning storm until you complete the puzzle. Yes, the puzzle requires climbing. Here's the least annoying way to get past it.

How to access Toh Yahsa Shrine in 'Breath of the Wild'

The Thunder Plateau in west-central Hyrule is where we're going today. Once you see the giant mushroom-looking things, you'll know you're in the right place. Look for a big platform with four statues in the center to get started. Before you go any further, unequip any metal weapons you're wearing so the omnipresent lightning won't kill you.

Each of those statues has a color-coded icon on the front. These icons correspond to colored, glowing orbs that can be found throughout the Thunder Plateau. Your goal here is to put each orb into the base of the correct statue. Two of them can be found on the platform itself, so go ahead and place them in the correct statues real quick. 

The other two orbs are a bit of a problem. Both of them are on raised platforms outside of the main platform itself. You can't climb easily in this rain, nor can you climb while holding an orb. You also don't have enough strength to throw the orbs from these platforms onto the main platform.

What I did was use stasis and bash the heck out of the orbs until the kinetic energy arrow turned red. That gave them enough velocity to reach the main platform. It's actually pretty easy. The main problem is that climbing these platforms is annoying with all the rain. I recommend either having a lot of stamina or having the ability you get from the Vah Medoh divine beast to the north. If you don't have either of those things, this is going to be very annoying.

How to complete Toh Yahsa Shrine in Breath of the Wild

The shrine that's unlocked by this little puzzle is also pretty easy. I recommend having plenty of bomb arrows, but your regular remote bombs will work, too. 

As soon as you walk in, you'll see a boatload of giant, destructible blocks. For maximum fun times, go ahead and destroy every single block with bomb arrows or remote bombs. This will reveal your goal: Use magnesis to move the metal block around in a way that lets you get up to the shrine monk at the highest level.

First, place the metal block in between the small platform you can climb on and the taller one with the ladder. This creates a platform to get yourself onto the ladder platform. Climb the ladder and turn around. Now, use magnesis to swing the metal block around to the other side of the platform you're standing on, where there is a large switch in the ground. Place the block on the switch and the door to the spirit orb will open.

There are also two optional treasure chests in here. The first one is in a hidden room behind where the metal block starts out. The second one is on top of a little tower to the right of the entrance. You can use stasis on the chest itself and shoot it with a couple of arrows to make it fall to the ground, for your treasure collecting pleasure.

Once you finish the shrine, the perpetual lightning storm surrounding the shrine is gone. Congratulations on braving one of the most annoying puzzles in the game.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Toh Yahsa Shrine video guide

If you're stilling having trouble, check out this video guide from NBMTX:

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