Who Won the Presidential Debate: Mitt Romney Agrees with Obama on Everything


As November 6th edges closer, President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will clash for the third and final time in Election 2012. General opinion among millennials is that Romney out-flexed the standing President in the first debate. In the Second Presidential Debate however, many young people gave Obama the nod in both style and substance. We must keep in mind that it is the nature of modern politics to disguise substantive policy proposals; both candidates will try to appeal to as many audience members as they can. 

At 9pm est. the Democratic and GOP contenders will face off in Boca Raton, Florida. Bob Schieffer from CBS News will be tonight's moderator. The debate is scheduled to revolve around foreign policy issues revealing massive ideological differences about the future of America. One of the biggest topics of the debate will be America's role as a super-power now and in the future. Mitt Romney, running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, stated firmly he would increase military spending as President. Indeed, this stance comprised Mitt Romney's closing remarks in the first debate. On the other hand, President Obama has a fairly successful record he can point to throughout the debate. The President has suggested a decrease in military spending, perhaps on the basis that 76% of Americans think we should.

The candidates' differing stances on military spending directly translates to America's future: should we continue acting as the world's police or should we shift our focus to other issues? The Bipartisan Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan, referenced frequently by Mitt Romney in the first debate, openly expresses that America simply cannot afford to continue as the the world's police. Even if increasing the size of our military was logical, nothing changes the fact that we cannot afford it. America's role as a super-power will surely foster opposing stances, but we can ill-afford to continue hiding our nation's deficit problem.

The candidates will also address the rise of China, the threat of a nuclear Iran, and an ever-turbulent Middle East. This page will be updated live throughout tonight's debate. Bookmark this page and hit 'refresh' for the most up-to-date quotes, analysis, and reactions from millennials!

7:10 pm: 

8:18 pm: When either candidate tries to answer a question directly:

Tonight's debate is only 40 minutes away. Romney needs a strong performance tonight to demonstrate his competence on other issues besides the economy. Obama will likely continue to struggle in national polls if he fails to project a personable demeanor. It is worth noting how each candidate will be able to maintain consistency across the debates. Audience members would benefit from keeping a skeptical eye that either side is sticking with their previous principles, rather than try to appeal to more voter demographics.

9:03 pm: Update--

9:07pm: As expected, Obama bringing up his record. As President, first responsibility is to "keep the American people safe. Which we have done over the past four years." Obama stating Romney's strategy is "all over the map." Romney fires back "My plan is to get the bad guys." Audience member Jordan Lee, "Killed it Mitt."

9:15 pm: Obama off to a strong start, calling Romney out on his record of going back and forth on his stances regarding our presence in the Middle East. Obama citing Romney calling Russia our number one political foe. Obama: "we must be clear with our allies and enemies on where we stand."

9:23 pm: Romney after Obama's early shots: 

Romney advocating moderate government in Syria, Obama replying "that is nothing different than we have done."

9:27 pm: Romney trying to shift focus back to economy--his wheelhouse. This is a strategic move by Romney as he knows he can win more American ears by talking about the economy rather than foreign policy. So far, moderator has been strong enough but not too much.

9:34 pm: Romney talking about his 5 Point Plan as his "policy for the future." Obama jabbing back saying Massachusetta ranked 48th out of 50 for small businesses as governor. Both candidates have completely veered off topic-this is not designed to be a debate about domestic policy. Moderator "Let me get back to foreign policy." Mod STILL allows Romney to speak about his record in Massachusetts.

9:39 pm: Romney stating he will cut 5% of discretionary spending. Moderator: Where will you get the money (for military spending)? Obama: Romney wants to spend $2 trillion on military that the military is not asking for.

9:43 pm:  Romney stating the air force and navy are weaker than ever, citing lower numbers of aircraft and naval units. This is a flat out lie. Obama replies: "We also have fewer horses and Bayonets."

9:57 pm: Obama stating Romney is "wrong and reckless" on foreign policy. Obama: "you're saying you agree with our policies, but that you would have yelled them louder." Romney and Obama in agreement that a nuclear armed Iran is not good for America. After Romney said Obama has apologized to the Middle East "That is a lie. All the reporters and fact checkers have confirmed that." Obama then making low-blow on Mitt's character, citing his financial interests in the middle east.

10:06 pm: In case you missed either of the first two debates...

10:12 pm: Romney says he supports Obama's use of drones, but we need "strong leadership" to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East. Obama saying "there's no doubt perceptions of America have changed."

10:18 pm: Millenial Alan Smith, "Four Years have passed. Thus, we are four years closer to a nuclear Iran. We are also four years closer to a space elevator, the invasion of the mole people, and the return of Beanie-babies as a universal currency." Politifact: Romney's claim Obama went on apology tour completely fabricated. 

10:23 pm: "Horses and Bayonets" 

10:31 pm: Romney: "I love our teachers, but I want to get the private sector going" Moderator: "I think we all love great teachers."

Obama: "After a decade at war, I think we need to do some nation-building here at home." This is one of the most substantive comments of the night.

Romney: "I want to get the economy going... America's going to come back... We need a president that will work across the aisle."

10:41 pm: Democrats and Republicans alike can probably agree that Obama was more knowledgeable and aggressive in tonight's final Presidential Debate. Obama obviously has the advantage of foreign policy briefings and intelligence over the past four years. Nonetheless, Romney did not make any susbstantial points that distinguished his policies from Obama's. Some may note that Obama intterrupted more than Romney did the same.