'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' fan uses an ocarina and Raspberry Pi to control his smart home


It's not often you hear Legend of Zelda and smart home in the same sentence, but that didn't stop Allen Pan, known on YouTube as Sufficiently Advanced, from cooking up an ocarina-controlled gadget to manage his own house. You might remember Pan from his Thor's hammer gag. Now he's back at it again with a new project seemingly inspired by Breath of the Wild. The results are pretty entertaining, though shouting at your Amazon Echo is a lot easier.

In the video above, we see Pan use his ocarina to control the heat, the humidifier and his front door lock. He is able to water his plants from across the room, call his own cell and even start up "Epona." The entire video is evidence that Pan is a modern day Hero of Time, and almost definitely better than you.

Pan shows his work at the 33-second mark in the video. His secret: the Raspberry Pi. With the mini-computer, a microphone and a bit of coding prowess, he's able to connect all his gadgets to the smart-home hub and control them with various Zelda melodies.


While the ocarina is the instrument to have in Ocarina of Time, the item of note in Breath of the Wild is the Sheikah Slate. Though to be fair, controlling your smart home with a tablet isn't nearly as impressive as doing it with a musical instrument.

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