Robert Sepulveda, Jr., Abel Azcona, Colton Haynes: Who did The Most this week?

What does it mean to do The Most?

Sometimes it's not enough just to do the bare minimum, or "just enough." People can't help it — they go over the top. They go a little too far, or even a lot too far. They do The Most. In this recurring column, Mic will look at the people who left subtlety in the rearview mirror and put an un-self-aware foot on the gas.

So tell us: Who did The Most?

Robert Sepulveda, Jr.

Robert Sepulveda, Jr. Charley Gallay/Getty Images

The "star" of Bravo's faux-gressive Finding Prince Charming eked out a few more headlines this week when he attacked Huffington Post editor Noah Michelson on Facebook for his critique of upcoming Bravo reality-show-slash-torso-fest Fire Island.

Robert Sepulveda, Jr.'s Facebook commmentFacebook

Sepulveda went a step further than just dissing Michelson on the editor's own Facebook: He then posted a picture of Michelson on the beach, and tried to argue that by ever attending the beach in his life, Michelson couldn't criticize the nascent Bravo trash fire.



Racial blind spots became an art form this week when Steven Patrick "the Chinese are a subspecies" Morrissey superimposed lyrics to the Smith's "Unloveable" around queer black author James Baldwin's head and sold it as merchandise.

The lyrics in question? "I wear black on the outside 'cause black is how I feel on the inside."

Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance BlackRich Fury/AP

Writer and director Dustin Lance Black, best known for being a gay man who won an Oscar before Sam Smith, ended up insulting a group of bisexual activists — including Sara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy — who took him to task for lack of inclusion in his ABC miniseries When We Rise.

Rather than listening to the activists, Black called many of their claims "lies" and "alternative facts." He also said that people in the 1970s wouldn't have used a "modern word" like bisexual, a term that's been in usage since the 1890s.


Grindr GaymojisMic

This week, geolocation-based hookup app Grindr unveiled its new emojis, which were immediately criticized for being very white and possibly promoting meth use.

The kink-positive emoji package includes a vast array of fetish-friendly images, including pup play, bondage and a palooza of multicolored eggplants. It also features "large," "medium" and "small" condoms and white men holding up rating signs scaling from one to 10.

Jax Taylor

Jax TaylorBlair Raughley/AP

From one reality star to another, Jax Taylor made his feelings for Bachelor star Nick Viall very clear. After first appearing on Bravo podcast The Daily Dish and calling Viall a "d-bag," Taylor tweeted about Viall with a middle finger emoji.

"Who cares who ends up with that tool nick," Taylor tweeted. "Somebody please ask him for a picture and say it's for Jax." He spent the next few days on Twitter discussing his tweet with followers.

Colton Haynes

Colton HaynesVince Bucci/AP

Haynes, who has been out for less than a year, enlisted mega-diva Cher to help him get engaged to then-boyfriend Jeff Heatham.

The pair captured the flashy fireworks-filled engagement on Instagram. Within a few days of his engagement, the former Teen Wolf star gabbed about possible kiddies to TMZ.

Abel Azcona

Abel Azcona put Marina Abramovic to shame this week when he tattooed the Trump slogan "Make America Great Again" in a halo around his hairless anus.

"I always worked my body as a weapon and a political tool," Azcona told the Huffington Post. "I believe in the empowerment of the body and of the pain. The anus is a pleasure zone for many people and an area of sin for others. I think demystifying what the anus is, and writing a fascist political motto like that in my anus, is a clearly critical and subversive action."


The New York Times

Snoop DoggMichele Eve Sandberg/AP

In the ongoing fallout between "Gin and Juice" rapper Snoop Dogg and President Donald Trump, the New York Times covered Bow Wow's entry into the drama. But the Times mistakenly thought the two rappers with canine-influenced names were somehow related. Public editor Liz Spayd wrote that Bow Wow was Snoop Dogg's nephew.

Time to vote. Who did The Most?