"Asskicker" coffee has so much caffeine, it comes with a health warning


Think you're bad in the good way because you throw back two or three cups of coffee a day? Your daily dose probably has nothing on Asskicker Coffee, an Australian-based super brew that comes with a health warning. 

The extra strong coffee, which is served at a cafe called Viscous Coffee in South Australia, contains 5 grams of caffeine — or about 80 times the standard amount of a plain old espresso shot, cafe owner Steve Benington told the Advertiser.

"The Asskicker is a complex concoction made of quad espresso (four shots), four 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes, 120 milliliter of 10-day brewed cold drip and is finished with four more 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes," according to the Advertiser. 

Benington told the publication that each individual drip ice cube contains the same amount of caffeine in approximately two shots of espresso. One cup of the stuff costs around $12 (or $16 AUD), CNN reported.

An American caffeine drinker consumes, on average, about 300 milligrams of caffeine per day, according to a 2012 report from the Food and Drug Administration. One serving of Asskicker contains more that 16 times that amount. The beverage can keep drinkers powered up for up to 18 hours — so no, this is no 5-hour Energy drink wannabe. 

While many see the drink as a fun challenge, it was born out of necessity: Benington said he crafted it for a nurse in the emergency department who needed to stay awake for an overnight shift. According to Benington, the nurse drank the coffee over a two-day period, and stayed awake for close to three days. "I toned it down a littler after that and the Asskicker was born," he told the Advertiser.

Benington said he's aware energy drink could pose some serious health risks, especially for people with heart or blood pressure concerns. The cafe owner will talk to a customer first before selling them a cup of the mega-powerful brew. 

FYI: One serving of Asskicker coffee contains half the lethal dose of caffeine. In other words, if you consume two cups of the beverage, you might considered your ass kicked... for good.