Jessica Chastain to mansplainer on Twitter: "Let women speak for themselves."


Actress Jessica Chastain stepped onto the Twitter stage Saturday to talk about women's reproductive health, specifically the toll President Donald Trump's health care coverage would do to expecting mothers. Right on cue, some men swooped in to explain some things to her. 

Here is Chastain's conversation-sparking tweet:

Chastain's suggestion that men who balk at contributing to maternal health care costs take a moment to consider their moms apparently rankled Twitter user @theStevenB, who responded about gendering Republican voters. Note: Chastain didn't do that. She tweeted a Huffington Post article critiquing the Republican health care plan, which is drawing criticism from both parties.  

Chastain fired back.

So Steven dug in his heels, prompting Chastain's advice that he "let women speak for themselves."

That called one Nick into the fray:

Chastain reminded Nick that at no point in the conversation, which is composed entirely of receipts, had she claimed to "represent all women."

"Guess I hit a nerve, right dude?" she wrote. 

Nick and Steven continued with their tangents. 

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named Mark Todd dropped by to explain to Chastain what feminism is. 

"So patronising and condescending," he tweeted at her. "2 things associated with modern feminism. Undermines all the work 'real' femminists do."

Her response was pretty good:

But another man of Twitter didn't think so, reminding Chastain there are ways of making one's point without resorting to snark.

Is there a whistle only men can hear, and does it sound whenever a woman makes a comment on the internet?