'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' "Perfect Drink" Quest Guide: How to open Misae Suma Shrine


Some shrines in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are simple and straightforward, while others require a bit of work to figure out. In the case of the Misae Suma Shrine you'll need to track down the "perfect drink" for a parched Gerudo.

Here's how to solve the "Perfect Drink" shrine quest in Breath of the Wild.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Perfect Drink" quest guide: How to open the Misae Suma Shrine

Youtube/Mandby Gaming

Finding the Misae Suma Shrine is easy, but once you locate it you'll notice that a Gerudo woman is splayed out on top of the console where you usually place your Sheikah slate. She's all but dying and claims that she's "done for." You'll have to help her out before you can access the shrine.

According to YouTube user Mandby Gaming, you'll want to head to the bar inside of Gerudo Town and have the bartender make a drink called noble pursuit. Before she can do this, however, the barkeep requires a "huge amount of ice." 

From Gerudo Town head north until you hit the northern icehouse. It's here where you'll find a treasure trove of frozen water, which brings us to the hard part of this quest. You'll need to carry a giant block of ice across the desert. 

Thankfully, you only need to carry it about halfway back since the bartender is waiting for you in the desert. Still, this isn't exactly an easy task. Good luck.

Mandby Gaming/Zelda

The trick to getting the ice from the northern icehouse to the halfway point is to use stasis. As shown by Mandby Gaming, you'll want to freeze — in time — the block of ice, and then whack away at it. This will shoot the block of ice over to the halfway mark before the desert heat completely melts it. Why smashing it with a weapon a bunch of times doesn't break the ice is beyond us.

Once you've brought the ice back to the bartender, she'll handle the rest and hand over the noble pursuit. Now go back to the Misae Suma Shrine, tell your parched friend about the drink waiting for her back at the bar and use your Sheikah slate to unlock the shrine. 

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