'Mass Effect: Andromeda' How to Take Off Helmet: Here's how to customize your look


So, you just spent an hour fine-tuning Ryder's face in your new copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda, only to find it hidden away under a chunky space helmet. What gives?

Don't worry — Mass Effect developer BioWare knows you want to check out your beautiful character at all times and you won't have to sacrifice your stats to do it. Unfortunately, it's an option that's a bit tricky to find.

Here's how to take off Ryder's helmet in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to take off your helmet 

Don't go looking around in any of the equipment menus for this option. No, instead, you'll have to pause the game, select Game, then Settings, then Gameplay. Scroll down to the option that says Ryder's helmet and toggle it to the setting you like. You can choose to have it off all the time or just in conversations. You have the same options for your squadmates too.

Now, it seems that the game will override your settings if you're on a planet without breathable oxygen. To make everything seem more believable, your characters will keep their helmets on when they're in space or surrounded by poisonous gas. Fair enough.

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