'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Nomad: How to call the vehicle while you're exploring new planets


A major part of Mass Effect: Andromeda involves traversing its gorgeous alien worlds. The thing is, these worlds are massive and often filled with all sorts of environmental hazards that make it annoying — and dangerous — to travel by foot. That's where the Nomad comes in. It's kind of like the Batmobile crossed with an all-terrain vehicle.

Here's how to call the Nomad while you're exploring the worlds of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to call the Nomad

You'll first gain access to the Nomad through the main quest line on the planet Eos. From there, you'll use it to cross the portions of the planet that aren't shielded from radiation. The Nomad will stay put, so if you get separated from it during fast travel, you can simply call it back from a forward station.

Forward stations are the blue and white pod-shaped mobile bases you place as you explore new planets. Each side of the pod will perform a different function — like letting you change your loadout or refill your ammo — but one portion of the pod allows you to call the Nomad.

If you're not near a forward station, you can simply fast travel to one using the world map. From there, call the Nomad and drive to wherever you need to go.

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