Joe Biden returns to the Capitol — and he's not mincing words on the Trump-Russia mess

Former Vice President Joe Biden re-entered the political fray Wednesday when he joined House Democrats on the steps of the Capitol Building to denounce the GOP's repeal of the Affordable Care Act. 

After condemning the Republican health care bill and declaring it "is not going to pass," Biden went after President Donald Trump and his administration's "romance with Putin."

"What in the hell are we doing?" Biden said, specifically referencing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's plan to skip an annual NATO meeting and instead travel to Russia. 

Biden's comments came just days after FBI Director James Comey announced the FBI was actively investigating the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russia — and just hours after a bombshell report from the Associated Press revealed former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort secretly made millions working for a Russian billionaire with the end goal of benefiting Russian President Vladimir Putin.