Gay male characters can't earn the "Matchmaker" achievement in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'


The most beloved part of most BioWare games is the ability to build romantic relationships with the characters you meet along the way, and Mass Effect: Andromeda is no exception. Thankfully, BioWare is smart enough to provide a number of romance options for just about any type of character you want to play — straight, bisexual, aliens only, whatever. 

And, like just about every game made in the 21st century, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a number of achievements players can earn through completing certain tasks — but there's one that someone playing a gay male character can't earn, simply because there aren't enough potential partners to fulfill its criteria.

Specifically, the "matchmaker" achievement requires you to romance three separate characters, but if you're playing a gay male character, you only have two romance options: Gil or Reyes. Yep, that means Mass Effect: Andromeda requires someone playing a gay male character to do a bunch of extra legwork — specifically, starting a second playthrough — to earn an achievement that most won't have to.

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Of course, gay male characters aren't alone in this. Those role-playing as an asexual character or those who want their character to be monogamous will have the same issue. Maybe it's not just about which types of characters can and can't get the achievement. Perhaps there's a larger discussion that needs to be had about the downsides of gamifying and quantifying romance.

Regardless, the original point stands: Gay male characters don't have as many romance options as anyone of another sexual orientation — and choosing to play that way has a measurable, tangible downside.

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