Exxon says it "lost" Rex Tillerson's alias emails

Exxon Mobil told the Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday that it "lost" a year's worth of former CEO Rex Tillerson's emails, according to the Wall Street Journal. Previous reports claimed Tillerson sent the emails using the alias "Wayne Tracker" — Wayne is Tillerson's middle name — to discuss climate change issues. Exxon does not deny Tillerson used the nom de plume, but says the emails are not exclusively about climate change.

Those emails are being sought as part of an investigation by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into whether Exxon misled it's investors about the company's findings on climate change. Exxon attempted to downplay the significance of the alleged loss but Schneiderman's team called it a "bombshell" according to the Journal's report.

The judge in the case ordered sworn statements from the employees in charge of keeping track of those emails explaining how they were lost.

Let's hope Exxon doesn't lose those too.