Nothing to see here — just a bunch of men deciding the fate of women's health care


In anticipation of the now-postponed vote on the GOP's health care legislation, President Donald Trump called a meeting with the House Freedom Caucus. 

Luckily, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out a photo of that meeting — during which time House representatives discussed the possibility of, among other things, repealing coverage of maternity care and mammograms — so we could see what that looks like.

Ah, yes. There's nothing quite like a gaggle of white men making decisions about what happens to women's bodies.

Of course, it's not the first time the Trump administration has produced a photo capturing its truly stunning lack of diversity. 

When Trump got a chance to pretend he was driving a truck on Thursday, a group of male CEOs and truck drivers greeted him. When Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule in January, which blocks federal funds from going toward nongovernment organizations that provide abortion services, he did so surrounded by — surprise, surprise — a bunch of men

Given the state of Trump's cabinet, it's likely most of Trump's day-to-day movements involve him entering rooms filled with men who look like him. On Thursday, it was newsworthy. On Friday, it'll be normal.