This is how 'Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus met Diane Kruger — it's pretty romantic


Finding love in the zombie apocalypse is hard. Just ask Daryl Dixon, who has yet to develop a love interest on The Walking Dead. Fortunately, actor Norman Reedus is doing better in real life.

Reedus is currently linked to The Bridge actress Diane Kruger. While the two have yet to confirm that they're in a relationship, photos surfaced of a very PDA-heavy night out Friday morning. You can check out the pictures on Entertainment Tonight here.

While this is be touted as a new relationship, the two have actually known each other for a couple years. Reedus and Kruger met in 2015 on the set of their movie Sky. The two played love interests Diego and Romy. 

"I didn't know [Reedus] before the film," Kruger told People at the April 2016 premiere of the movie. "We share a lot of intimate scenes. I was really nervous about meeting him and not being able to have a drink with him, or talk with him."

Kruger elaborated to WWD that it was "a little nerve-wracking" because their first day meeting was also the day of their "big love scene."

"You never know what you're going to get. I was very pleasantly surprised."

But it doesn't sound like Reedus was nervous about that. In fact during a BuzzFeed interview, where the two co-stars interviewed each other, Reedus confessed that he hadn't even read the script of Sky before signing on for the role of Diego. The actor recalled talking to director Fabienne Berthaud, a good friend of Kruger's, on a Skype call. While he hadn't read the script, he knew that Kruger was already cast.

"I just kind of fell in love with her, and she was like, 'would you do it?' And I'm like, 'yeah, I'll do it.' And I knew who was involved [you], so I said yes before I even read it."

But Kruger wasn't Reedus' only co-star in Sky. The cast also included Kruger's then long-time boyfriend, Joshua Jackson. Jackson and Kruger began dating in 2006 and split in July 2016

Rumors of a romantic relationship developing between Kruger and Reedus sparked while the two were filming the movie, before Kruger's split from Jackson. TMZ published photographs of the two together this past February, but a rep for the Walking Dead star told the outlet that the two are just friends. If the photos from Friday are any indication, it seems like they may have taken that friendship to the next level.