#BigThighTwitter is here to unabashedly celebrate women whose thighs touch

With viral hashtags like #ThighGap still making the rounds on Twitter years after it began, promoting this idea that thighs that don't touch are better, it feels like we need #BigThighTwitter

It's the latest hashtag campaign that's here to celebrate the women whose thighs rub against one another when they walk, the women whose thighs touch. 

Much like #MermaidThighs, #ThighsForJeaux and #BellyJelly, it's for people to show that the idea of "if you're bigger, you're lesser" is totally bullshit. 

Because like, just look:

Look at how cute everyone is. 

Women of various different body types publicly loving themselves is a beautiful thing. 

Many expressed that the hashtag spurred a new appreciation for their body types, which is especially important in a day and age when an overwhelming majority of models and actresses and celebrities continue to fit into the thinner-thigh ideal. 

#BigThighTwitter on Thursday also sparked a flurry of #SlimGirlTwitter tweets too, which was just fine with everyone as well. 

All in all, Twitter on Thursday was full of women loving their bodies, and we hope it never stops.