'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "Forgotten History" Location Guide: Where to find the relics


Mass Effect: Andromeda has several large planets for you to explore, plunder and colonize — as iffy as that premise might be. Still, that leaves you with a ton of quests to complete. Naturally, some of them are going to be more frustrating than others.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to find the relics for "Forgotten History"

"Forgotten History" can be found at the Repository History on Aya. Your task is to find three Angaran relics. The Mass Effect Wiki has a guide to locating them:

• The relic on Voeld can only be found after completing the "Remove the Heart" mission. It's in a northwest room in the ice cave behind some crates.

• The Kadara relic is on top of the mountain in Kurith's Valley.

• The Wiki has a map for the Elaaden relic.

Mass Effect Wiki

Once you collect the relics, take them back to Avela Kjar for your reward.

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