Foreign Policy Debate LIVE: Obama vs Romney In Final Presidential Debate


All eyes will be on Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida tonight as President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney square off in a third and final presidential debate. The focus of this debate will be exclusively on foreign policy; a subject that is perceived by many to be a strength for the President.

While this remains the case, the President's lead is eroding among the general public as well as the much sought after Jewish vote in the key swing state of Florida. Governor Romney is likely to reiterate his case that President Obama has projected weakness abroad and that America's foreign policy challenges, be they in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran or even China, can only be solved by projecting strength. Expect Governor Romney to continue to press the President on his handling of the murdering of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya last month as well as the latest New York Times report of the Administration's openness to one-on-one talks with Iran should President Obama win a second term.

Governor Romney's task tonight is to balance his broader argument, that President Obama is projecting weakness abroad and endangering America at home, with his VP candidate's public statements of not wanting to start new wars but to keep peace.

President Obama will attempt to offset these charges by making the same case Vice President Biden made in his debate with Congressman Ryan nearly two weeks ago: that the Romney-Ryan ticket's foreign policy stances on everything from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan amount to more costly wars. In addition, he will counter the New York Times story by highlighting the recent joint U.S.-Israeli military exercises, which are the largest in the history of the relationship, as a symbol of the continued strength of the relationship.

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