'Mass Effect: Andromeda': Save Angara or destroy the facility in "A Trail of Hope"?


Although we all know that Mass Effect: Andromeda is a combination hottie crafting/alien kissing simulator, you might be surprised to find there's also a fully fledged space opera in there as well. Okay, we're joking (sort of), but the new Mass Effect is full of side missions and moral choices for you to make, and many of those choices will have consequences down the line.

As part of the critical mission "A Trail of Hope," for instance, you'll be asked to make a really tough choice. We'll keep it intentionally vague up here to avoid spoilers for you, but if you're curious as to the outcome of your decision, read on below.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "A Trail of Hope": Consequences guide

At the tail end of "A Trail of Hope," the Angara resistance will ask you to rescue the Moshae Sjefa, a leader of theirs who is being held captive at an exhalation facility on Voeld, according to Polygon. To do so, you'll have to find her in a stasis pod and fight a Kett Cardinal, a beefed up version of the Prefect you faced in "Remove the Heart." Once you've defeated him and freed the Moshae, you've got a choice to make.

See, you didn't quite manage to finish the job with the Cardinal, and they're willing to negotiate with you: Spare them, and she'll free the Angarans still held prisoner in the facility. So which should you pick?

If you agree to negotiate with the Cardinal: The facility stays operational, but you free the Angara being held captive there. According to VG247, this makes Moshae pretty upset with you (meaning there might be consequences in a sequel), but the rescued Angara will provide you with additional support in a late-game mission. You can also just betray the Cardinal after agreeing and shoot her dead as well, according to Polygon.

If you destroy the facility and dispose of the Cardinal: The Angara held captive there die, but the facility is destroyed and that makes the Moshae pretty happy. Jaal will initially be angered by your decision, but will eventually come around, which is pretty ice cold.

As with a lot of other choices in the game, this decision is really less about the narrative consequences and more about determining what kind of Pathfinder you'll be. Will you negotiate with the Kett to save innocent lives, or will you insist on total war and no quarter? The choice is up to you.

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