'NBA 2K17': Best custom jump shot for your MyPlayer

The perfect jump shot in NBA 2K17 should have three things: a smooth motion, a short hop and a moderate-speed release. This custom jump shot has it all.

Here's how you can equip your MyPlayer with this jump shot in NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K17 best jump shot: "Normal" release timing

Selecting "normal" for this setting is advised. "Quick" requires you to be so fast off the button or analog stick that it's hard to duplicate the form.

"Slow" is just that, and it defeats the purpose of the second and third components of the jump shot creation.

NBA 2K17 best jump shot: Paul George's shooting form

Paul George in 'NBA 2K17'NBA 2K17

Indiana Pacers star Paul George isn't just the cover athlete for the game — he also has the best shooting form.

George's elbow is angled in a way that allows you to easily see the bend, thus you know when to release the ball – even if you're playing like an advanced player with the shot meter off.

It's not too slow and it's not too quick. It's just right.

NBA 2K17 best jump shot: Shot base 10

Some may prefer a shot base that has more of a hop, but those take too long to complete and it leaves your player more susceptible to the late close out on defense.

While the shot may not get blocked, the defender's presence will decrease the chances you'll make the shot. It could also be a distraction that forces you to release the button or analog stick earlier than you planned.

NBA 2K17 best jump shot: Practice, practice, practice

You're not going to simply pick this combination and start nailing every three-point shot you take. You'll still have to practice to perfect the timing, and also work on getting it off correctly while being defended.

Still, this combination of release, form and base is a winner.

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