Who Won the Presidential Debate: LIVE Coverage of Final Debate on Foreign Policy


Round three begins in the 2012 presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The debate starts at 9 p.m. EST and will be broadcast from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. This evening's debate will focus on foreign policy topics, an area that Mitt Romney sorely lacks knowledge or experience in, and that President Obama has been navigating carefully for the last few years.

I'll be watching the debate with a Saudi official and tweeting our thoughts on Iran, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Be sure and stay tuned as it's gonna be a killer blog...

Likely topics include Iran's nuclear program, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the civil war in Syria, the Arab Spring, support for Israel, and what to do about China and Russia.

Surely, Romney will try and make Obama look weak on foreign policy, which will be difficult to pull off if viewers understand that the president's foreign policy has been more aggressive in some respects than George Bush's ever was. However, foreign policy tends to be one of the least understood areas of policy, not to mention that it ranks very low on importance level for the average voter in this election.

President Obama's foreign policy from the standpoint of a wonk — that's me — is very strong, and hopefully the voters make that realization. He has kept us from war with Iran, stayed out of a volatile situation in Syria, pulled troops from Iraq, and created a timetable to leave an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. Romney has very little to criticize, which means he'll rely on semantics and rhetoric along with ideas of American exceptionalism and supremacy to entice voters that he is a strong leader.

Let's just hope that voters are able to sail the dangerous seas of foreign policy conundrums as well as President Obama has ...

UPDATE 10:33

And big surprise, Romney's closing statement doesn't talk about FP either... 

UPDATE 10:31

Obama's closing statement says NOTHING about foreign policy... you know, the whole point of tonight's debate?

UPDATE 10:28


UPDATE 10:22

And Obama hits Romney with an uppercut on outsourcing jobs!

UPDATE 10:15

OHHH!!!! And Schieffer forces Romney to look like either an idiot or a flip-flopper with the question, what's our biggest future threat to national security?  Intentional???

UPDATE 10:12

Wow... I'm thinking neither of them digress on anything except for Iran...

UPDATE 10:09

Neither candidate says anything concrete of the AfPak region...


What else would we do to tighten sanctions on Iran Romney?  Obama is SOOOOO tough on Iran!!!


Obama is failing on the Iran thing...in my eyes.  He just said we will only accept the cessation of Iran's nuclear program... that's a change!!!  Israel has pushed for that, and usually we know better than thinking that is feasible


HOW DARE YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!! Iran has NEVER said they want to wipe Israel off the map!!! #bullshit


Schieffer is bating Romney on the Israel/Iran issue...


Make no mistake... Obama is a hawk when it comes to national security... just ask a Pakistani Taliban member


They just can't talk FP... I know I'm in the minority of people that care about FP, but come on!!


THERE YA GO BOB-O!!! Back to the friggin' topics!!!


I thought this was a FP debate?!?!  Here's what I think of that...


We're back!!!  I'll be honest, neither is winning right now, because they both realize that FP is NOT a strong point of the American public.  Instead, they pivot to women, renewable energy, and the economy.  COME ON!!!!


First question is on Libyan ambassador issue... what happened?  Romney gets first go, and so far hasn't said anything about Libay...keeps going on about Syria... PIVOT


Let's Go!!!  This is the way to watch a debate!!!


President Obama has a serious advantage over Romney... almost a 4 year advantage.  There is no excuse for losing this debate!!!

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