Ivanka Trump is headed to Berlin for a women's empowerment summit


Ivanka Trump — who definitely doesn't have an "formal role" in her father's administration — has finalized plans to travel to Berlin's women's empowerment summit in April.

According to the Associated Press, German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited Trump to the event during her recent visit to the White House. Contact between the two sparked controversy at the time, especially when a photo surfaced showing Trump and Merkel seated next to each other at a meeting on "workforce development."

But despite fervent concerns about her dealings with world leaders, Trump isn't hesitating at the chance to (un)officially represent the United States in her unofficial White House position.

"Looking forward to working together in Berlin next month to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce globally," Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday night.


The eldest Trump daughter has been posited as the Trump administration's best shot at representing women's interests at all, with a cabinet overwhelmingly composed of men

But so far, Trump's attempts to help working women have been half-hearted at best. In September, Trump championed a child care plan that guaranteed six weeks of paid parental leave for mothers, but initially excluded fathers. 

The month before — following an impassioned speech at the Republican National Convention on supporting working mothers — a Washington Post investigation revealed that the contractor Trump uses to do designs for her company does not offer their female employees a "single day of paid maternity leave." 

And most recently, Trump hosted a dinner party with a majority-male guest list to discuss equal opportunities for women in the workplace. 

Mic came up with a list of some things Trump could do if she were actually interested in fighting for women's rights. We can only hope that when she attends April's women's empowerment summit — unofficially and informally, of course — she gives them a passing thought.