'Pokémon Go' Special Items: New data reveals your chances of getting each evolution item


The release of Gen 2 Pokémon in Pokémon Go coincided with the release of special evolutionary items that could be used to evolve Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon into new and more powerful forms. Their introduction was rocky to say the least. Drop rates for the items were so low that players sought to find out if there was a hidden mechanic behind them, and tried everything from changing their buddy Pokémon to hitting PokéStops at specific times of day to try and increase their chances.

Now that Niantic has guaranteed evolutionary item drops on every seven-day PokéStop streak you make it to, you might be wondering what you chances are of getting each item. Thankfully, Pokémon Go fan player community the Silph Road has been on its game with those percentages. Read on for the detailed breakdown.

Pokémon Go special items: What are the percentages of getting each evolutionary item from a PokéStop

According to a post by Thithrack on the Silph Road based on evidence they compiled several weeks ago, when you receive an evolutionary item, these are the percentage breakdowns of what that item will be:

Sun stone: 24.97%

Thithrack reminded other posters that these percentages won't "feel real" because of the low special item drop rates pre-PokéStop streak update, but if you're curious as to why you haven't found as many dragon scales or upgrades as you have metal coats, that's why. 

Hopefully, with the inclusion of a guaranteed evolutionary item each week, these percentages will start to feel a little meatier, but the game's algorithms could always find a way to give you 12 straight weeks of King's Rocks as well. Regardless, it's a step in the right direction, so get out there and start hitting those seven-day streaks.

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