Maxine Waters on Donald Trump: "I'm out to get him"


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) isn't mincing any words: She's out to get Donald Trump. 

In an interview with Elle's R. Eric Thomas and Leah Chernikoff, the congresswoman addressed the experience of viral fame (positive), shade (into it), millennials (so glad you've finally woken up to politics, dears) and her number one nemesis, President Donald Trump. 

"I'm out to get him," Waters told Thomas, unequivocally confirming what many have probably suspected. 

Waters has her reasons. 

"I could not remove myself from this debate about Trump," she said. "I could not abide his indecency. I could not live with the way he treated other people. When he undermined, mocked, and mimicked that disabled journalist, I thought, 'What mature grown man would do that?' To take him on as somebody running for president? I was totally offended."

Alex Wong/Getty Images

"And when he talked about grabbing women?" she added. "Okay? I'm out to get him. I'm gonna see him out of office." 

Thus that "get ready for impeachment" tweet Waters fired off last week, the one that seemed, momentarily, to really resonate with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (or whoever runs her Twitter account). Waters believes that, as people keep "connecting the dots" that are Trump and his "Kremlin clan," the truth of the president's relationship to Putin will come out. 

And then, Waters predicts, we will join her on the impeachment page.