Creative matzo recipes that'll make your bread-free Passover 100% more bearable


You eat it for a week every year, and yet, by the end of Passover you are close to swearing it off for eternity. 

Sure, matzo is the traditional bread of affliction for the Jewish people, and maybe it's not supposed to actually taste as good as bread, but a kosher diner can hope, right? If you're skipping out on leavened dough for Passover, buttered matzo, matzo brei and the infamous matzo pizza — marinara sauce and shredded cheese on a cracker do not a pizza pie make — no longer have to be your staples. 

It's time to find some new, exciting things to do with your crumbly matzo. Savory stuffed pies, Mexican brunch dishes and homemade granola all may make this the year that you're actually eager to open a new box of matzo. 

Spiced beef matzo pie

My Name is Yeh

Leave it to creative cooking genius Molly Yeh to create a savory pie that actually makes you want to eat matzo. Get the recipe here

Matzo chilaquiles


Matzo brei is one way to to breakfast on Passover, but these matzo chilaquiles bring your morning — or really any time — meal to a whole new level. Get the recipe here

Matzo granola


Skipping your regular cereal for Passover week? Make your own out of matzo and you may not want to go back. Get the recipe here

Matzo spanakopita


Swapping out flaky phyllo dough for matzo may seem like a risk, but trust us. Get the recipe here

Matzo butterscotch crunch bars 

Susie Fishbein/

Turning matzo into candy is a definite yes for this seemingly never-ending holiday. Get the recipe here

Matzo-crusted chicken cutlets

Martha Stewart

All of matzo's crunchy dryness becomes useful once you use it to coat chicken. Get the recipe here

Martha Stewart's matzo pizza

Martha Stewart

Okay, we know we trashed matzo pizza before, but leave it to Martha Stewart to create a version you'll actually want to eat. Just look at that potential yolk porn. Get the recipe here

Passover mina with leek and lamb


Spinach, tomatoes, eggs and plenty of spices add flavor to this meaty matzo dish. Get the recipe here.

Matzo avocado toast

Food Network

Just because you're not actually toasting anything doesn't mean you should rule out your favorite toast creations for a breadless week. Get the recipe here